Antykwariat Jazz Quintet

Antykwariat Jazz Quintet

Antykwariat Jazz Quintet

Reverb Nation

Antykwariat Jazz Group was revitalized in 1979, winning a Jazz Juniors Festival in Cracow - Poland
The group was very active in the 80s under the auspices of International Jazz Society Krakow. Comprised of victors of Polish and international music festivals, Antykwariat performed throughout many European countries. Initially it functioned as a septet (with a brass section). Reunited in 2006 as Antykwariat Jazz Quintet, the group centered in Chicago Performs original 

compositions and jazz standards. A lifetime of musical experience and passion that is displayed in artistic emotion allows the group to perform in many jazz varieties and actualize a spectrum of stylistic thoughts. From romantic European music with classic roots for dynamic, rhythmical jazz paterns, Antykwariat has it all to to please the most sophisticated listener as well as any jazz lover.

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