Slawomir Bielawiec

Continuously admired by music critics and enthusiasts as a jazz musician, pianist, composer, arranger, improviser, music producer and band leader. He was co-founder of Antykwariat Jazz Group and composer of most songs played and recorded. Apart from having composed music for theatre, radio, jazz bands, pop artists and instrumental ensembles, he made music for documental movies, has performed in numerous venues around Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and the U.S. 

He is also a journalist, producer and radio host. He has been a head radio personality for his morning show, Radio Chicago on WEUR 1490 AM in Chicago , since 1991. 

The root of Slawomir Bielawiec’s expressive jazz piano style stems from an extensive knowledge in instrumental technique and music theory, complemented by decades of experience and a Master’s in Music from Warsaw Music University. His eloquent style of play can be traced to a wide range of influences ranging from Chopin's romanticism and Rachmaninov’s harmonic insight to popular music, mainstream and modern jazz. The result is a genre of avant-garde jazz full of passion and enchanting musicality.

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