ANTYKWARIAT JAZZ GROUP icon of european-american progressive jazz

Antykwariat Jazz Group was founded by Slawomir Bielawiec and Jan Zienko in 1976 and prospered in Poland until 1980. Originally a quartet, then quintet, sextet, and finally a septet, it specialized in music encompassing mainstream jazz. During this time the group was composed of the following exceptional musicians: Slawomir Bielawiec – piano, Jan Zienko – guitar, Jerzy Nowicki – drums, Zbigniew Richter – bass, Piotr Zielik – alto sax, Waldemar Pszczoch – tenor sax, Eugeniusz Jasinski – trumpet.

Other musicians that came and went during this time period include: Jerzy Opalinski – bass, Janusz Zukowski – tenor sax.

The early Antykwariat is most aptly described by music critic Jacek Grun: “No jazz group is capable of entering the spotlight of the jazz world through the backdoor in order to showcase its grand musicality and talent. Perfectly sensitive jazz is able to utilize this gift on stage, especially within jazz clubs. Music enthusiasts loved them immediately”.

Antykwariat reformed in Chicago in 2006, now performing both original compositions and well-known jazz standards. Antykwariat Jazz Group characterizes a style of music where old and new European romantic and American jazz music meet. The band’s superb musicality is a factor of extensive experience, great workshop, and a deep immersion in musical culture- all of which allow for an incomparable, creative touch in music composition. A lifetime of musical experience and passion are conveyed through each member’s artistic emotion, allowing the group to remarkably perform in many jazz varieties and actualize a spectrum of stylistic thoughts. Antykwariat produces music that is truly unique and constantly seeking new sources of inspiration. Today group is composed of: Slawomir Bielawiec – piano, Jan Zienko – guitar, Chris Pabian - double bass, Jarek Lukomski – drums, Andy Grzelak – electric bass, Rob Denty – tenor sax, Art Davis – trumpet, flugelhorn.
Others with previous Antykwariat Group involvement in Chicago: Mieczyslaw Wolny – flute, Przemyslaw Pahl – drums, Jacek Berlin - percussion.

Howard Reich, a recognized jazz music critic, has expressed his admiration for the band in the Chicago Tribune. “Playing original scores and familiar repertoire, Antykwariat epitomizes the high lyricism of Polish and European music, as expressed through contemporary jazz vocabularies. [The group] has reaffirmed that substantive jazz improvisation and utterly accessible melody making are not mutually exclusive… Antykwariat has made something of a signature of [Rosemary’s Baby], and the musicians’ slow-burn crescendos and complex but tautly controlled solos say a lot about the integrity of their work. This is a band that doesn’t need to shout its achievements; it trusts listeners to recognize the subtleties of its music”.

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